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Karate Joe's Family Karate Center specializes in martial arts for the entire family for over 10 years!
Featuring the World Famous"Little Ninjas" Program

Jiu Jitsu

Modern Kenpo Karate

Family Programs

Adult Self Defense

Private Lessons

Child Development Specialists

Little Ninjas: This is a developmental program for ages 4 to 6.They will learn basic karate skills as well as life skills such as focus control balance and coordination

Kenpo Kids: Kenpo Kids is an age appropriate self-defense program. Focusing on learning how to block punch and kick, as well as learning self-defense situations such as being grabbed or choked

Junior Black Belt: Once students have completed Kenpo Kids they will begin this next phase of training. This training takes them to more advanced Kenpo techniques and will begin their training in Judo and Jiu-Jitsu. This is a well-rounded program covering all aspects of self defense training

Adult Self Defense: Kenpo Karate has been described as the ultimate in self-defense. It trains you on everything from the easiest situation of just learning to avoid potential danger to the worst-case scenario. This program will cover it all.

Jiu Jitsu: This program features more throws and wrestling skills than striking. Learn chokes and joint locks to submit your opponent. This program does incorporate striking while standing and in the clinch right to the ground.

The Modern System of Kenpo Jiu-Jitsu IS
self-defense—it is not a sport.

It is not simply a plaything like the martial arts of too many systems and styles that
cannot actually be used in reality when you really need it—when your life is in danger.

Karate & Other Martial Arts Rip-offs
Buyers beware … you are the consumer, and you have rights. Just say “no” to hidden, undisclosed fees like belt testing fees and other hidden advancement fees.

If you are a new student researching a studio to possibly enroll in, be sure to request a fully detailed disclosure of their policy on any hidden required fees, and get very specific on the question, “What is the TOTAL actual cost, of all required fees for advancement, for all belts and levels of instruction combined at this studio, in addition to the studios regular instruction fees?"

Common problems
#1 Billy is just to busy with swim or soccer to go to karate two or three times a week.
#2 Karate is just too expensive.

Kids after school Krav Maga lessons.

We put a new program together that will enable your child to learn how to defend themselves without attending twice per week or breaking your budget.

In most cases martial arts lessons are very expensive(including at Karate Joes). And there is a huge time commitment each week. At Karate Joes we recognize this has become quite a problem people wanting to train not being able to commit time or a lot of money.

Classes will be held on Wednesdays from 4:30-5:00 pm.

The cost for this is only $69 per month.

Many people are worried they cannot afford martial arts at a premier martial arts center.  They can now

call: 716-955-0711